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Dr Sharad Paul is a recognised skin cancer MD, skincare expert, thought-leader and author. 

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Clinical Achievement Award for outstanding work in Skin Cancer


Health & Innovation Award, NZ Ministry of Health


Time Magazine feature 

"Open Heart Surgeon"


Chair's Award - New Zealand Medical Association's highest award.


Finalist - New Zealander of the year award.


Ko Awatea International Excellence Award for Leading Health Improvement on a Global Scale.


Distinguished Fellowship of the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners


Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame awarded by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern 


Inspiring & Compassionate

Dr. Paul has been described in the media as one of the most inspiring and compassionate men you are likely to meet. TIME magazine in 2008 called him "Open hear Surgeon".

New Zealand Medical Association

Patient Centred

“A distinguished physician such as Dr. Sharad Paul with a sense for "stories" understand the importance of narrative medicine in improving patient-physician communication. He is the Sigmund Freud and Arthur Schintzler of our times”

Prof. Harald Kittler 

Dermatologist and Chair of World Congress of Dermoscopy and Skin Imaging, Vienna


“NO-TOX has made a huge difference already with the lines around my mouth and my forehead and it's only been 3 weeks of using it twice a day! Can't believe it!"

Georgia H. Celebrity Speaker

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"Loving these snippets of expertise! Thank you!"

Harriet K. 

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Skin MD, Scientist, Keynote Speaker, Storyteller & Social Entrepreneur.

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"I think I am fundamentally a story teller and stories are important both in literature as well as in science."

The Genetics of Health: Understand Your Genes for Better Health 


Skin-A Biography


Dermocracy: For Brown Skin, by Brown Skin, The Definitive Asian SkincareGuide


The Last Natural Man: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?


To Kill A Snow Dragonfly


The Kite Flyers


Cool Cut 


De Natura Melanoma


Biodynamic Excisional Skin Tension Lines for Cutaneous Surgery 


Clinical Cases in Skin Cancer Surgery and Treatment (Clinical Cases in Dermatology)


"One cannot have bad health and good skin!"

"Wearing its health like a badge for all to see, skin is a window into the soul of our origins." 

~ Dr Sharad Paul in Skin, a Biography (4th Estate)

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Personalised Healthcare

The gene testing for health and wellness based on Dr Sharad Paul's best-selling book, The Genetics of Health (Simon and Schuster).

Science-driven Skincare from the Research Lab

Tinted moisturiser SPF 30 mineral sunscreen. FF Creme anti-wrinkle peptides. Facial firming creme. A.C.E peptide Potent Eye Creme. Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid + Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

Why do rockstars have long hair?

Dr Sharad           February 8, 2023

An orange a day may make your doctor go away.

Dr Sharad           February 3, 2023


How effective are the medicines we take?

Dr Sharad          January 16, 2023



Dr Sharad Paul's Baci Foundation: Inspiring Young Minds.

“I like working with kids from disadvantaged backgrounds and schools – I teach them creative writing and donate books to build school libraries. My Baci Foundation has run literary and also nutritional programmes in low-decile schools since 2006. For many of these kids it isn’t realistic to be a doctor or lawyer or engineer. I am hoping just to change the life of one kid by inspiring him or her. If one kid goes onto greatness, my work will be done.”

Dr Sharad Paul- The Morning Show, LA.

Dr Sharad discusses his book The Genetics of Health, and how to start taking charge of individual health by learning the connection between our evolutionary past and our future well-being.

The Myth of Race- TEDxAuckland.

Dr Sharad Paul argues that the modern perception of race is wrong and that science and the story of Vitamin D and Folic acid tell their own story about race and skin colour.